Yes, We Are Still Here
11 June 2015 01:26

Despite no updates on the website in over a year (I really do need to catch up on a lot), we are still around.
Although we've not been showing much recently for various reasons we will be back out at shows later this year.

We have a number of pigs for sale (email us for more info).

The "Our Cavies" section has been updated to reflect pigs that are no longer with us any more, but I've not yet added a whole load of new additions (we currently have over 90 pigs).

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends for the support they've given us.

Breeding Update
28 March 2014 16:50
We're currently awaiting Sapphire's (Tri-Colour) next litter, which is now due.
We also have the following paired up:
  1. Gold and Anthracite (Tri-Colours)
  2. Calon and Maya (Harlequin and Magpie)
  3. Granite and Crystal (Tort&White)
  4. Tintin and Quartz (Tort&White)
  5. Professor Yana and Chantho (Magpie)
  6. Tungsten and Amethyst (Bi-Colour and Tri-Colour)
  7. Quiff and Gem (Tri-Colour)
We do have a couple of others together
Oldham Cavy Show - March 2014
19 March 2014 23:11

Excellent results at the Oldham Show with Harriet taking the Best Rare Variety spot.
Trenzalore got 2nd Under 5 Rare Variety - pretty good for his first show.
Strax got 3rd Best Pet.

New Website
20 February 2014 13:12

After a lot of work and time I've finally rebuilt the website from scratch.
Welcome to Cotton Town Cavies V3

I've removed some old features, added some new ones and now have a much improved photo gallery that should work faster too

I've still not finished, so if you find anything not right then bear with me - please let me know if anything is not working correctly.
The database is still not quite up to date as I've not written a lot of the back end admin pages yet.

Hopefully everything will be complete over the next few weeks

Cotton Town Cavies (Richie & Caz)

Recent Technical Issues
01 December 2013 00:40
You may have recently noticed that the site has been down a number of times and that some of the more recent updates and photos have disappeared.
There was a major failure of my servers and it has taken a while to build some replacements. The new servers are currently not yet complete, so there may be further outages.
I will attempt to update the site shortly with new photos, info on births and show results.
Even More Updates!
24 June 2013 23:47
Hmm, going from hardly any updates to loads in one evening.
I have now paired up Lucite (Tri-Colour) with Platinum (Tri-Colour).
Although Opal, another Tri-Colour, is currently paired up with him, so the three of them are now shacked up in a bigger pad :)
Platinum has, so far, proved his worth in darkening some of my quite light sows and also doesn't seem to have the two tone lilac that has popped up in some of the others.
As I am now trying to concentrate on darkening my pigs I have decided to re-home Aluminium (Alan) who is a very light Tri-Colour boar. He is currently in with Ruby and Pearl, but I will be looking to move him on shortly, so if anyone is interested, please contact us.

There will be three Tort & White boars up for sale in a few weeks (from my first two T&W litters born recently) - again, please get in touch if you are interested. The parents of these boars are all from Ken and Joan Phillips lines.
Tri-Colour Set Back
24 June 2013 23:34
At the Derbyshire Show three of my Tri-Colours failed to be placed and it was pointed out that they had, in fact, four colours. On further investigation and subsequent discussions with other breeders it seems that they have two shades of lilac, which is an obvious no-no in the showing of Tri-Colours. It is because of this that I am withdrawing Gem, Jewel and Copper from the team, although I may show them as pets as they are very beautiful cavies.
They will be bred from in the hope that they will still carry down the patching, but not the two shades of lilac, so I'll just have to be a little more patient.
A further loss to my Tri-Colour team is Titanium, who is now looking his age and is not in top form any more. He will continue to be loved in our caviary and keep Waylon, his cage mate, company.

Lastly, Donna, one of our top show pets, has now also retired.
She is around four years old and had a mammary gland removed due to a tumour, which she recovered from, but we have now found another lump. She is currently happy, eating and not in any pain. However, we feel it would not be in her best interests to put her through another operation, so we have decided to retire her earlier than planned and we'll keep a close eye on her.
Rani: Best Rare Variety
24 June 2013 23:14
On Sunday 23rd June 2013 Rani, one of our Harlequins, surprised us all and took Best RV at the Derbyshire Show. 
She has consistently received pretty high rankings in other shows, but this was our first to get to the number one position. As Harlequins can't get Best in Show, due to not being full standard yet, this is the highest we can get (so Best RV in Show is the top prize a Harlequin can get in any show).
Congratulations Rani our Champion pig. You've done us proud :D
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